Occupational & Physical Exams in Kendall Park, NJ

Ensuring your health and safety for work, school, and more.

Understanding Occupational & Physical Exams

Occupational and physical exams are comprehensive health assessments that can help identify potential health risks and ensure you're fit for a specific job, school, or sports activity.

Occupational exams (work physicals) assess job-specific fitness through medical history review, physical exam, and sometimes drug testing. Regular physical exams provide a broader health check, identifying underlying conditions and specific health risks.

Both occupational and physical exams are crucial for maintaining good health and safety in the workplace, at school, and during various activities.

Occupational & Physical Exams Services

Occupational & Physical Exam Services

NJ 365 Urgent Care provides a wide range of occupational and physical health services in Kendall Park, NJ, including:

  • School, Sports, College, and Camp Physicals: Get clearance to participate in your desired activities.
  • Pre-employment Physicals: Fulfill health requirements for your new job.
  • Rapid Drug Testing (10-minute results): Convenient drug testing for employers.
  • Department of Transportation (DOT/CDL) Physicals: We perform DOT physicals for commercial driver's licenses.
  • Vaccines (Td & Tdap): Stay up-to-date on essential vaccinations.
  • TB Screening (PPD): Ensure workplace safety with TB checks.
Choose NJ 365 Urgent Care for Occupational & Physical Exams

Choose NJ 365 Urgent Care for Occupational & Physical Exams

There are many reasons to choose NJ 365 Urgent Care for your occupational and physical exam needs:

  • Convenience: Walk in for your exam or book an appointment online at your convenience.
  • Efficiency: We offer efficient services to get you in and out quickly.
  • Expertise: Our team of qualified healthcare providers has the experience to perform all your occupational and physical exam needs.
  • Affordable: Physicals are available at an affordable rate.
  • Comfort: We provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for your exam.
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